The judging process will rely on the expertise of an impartial panel of experts serving on the Nomination Committee. Judges will evaluate nominees in each category who have met the following criteria:

  • Have a track record of less than three years with any amount of AUM, or 3-10 year track record as long as assets are below $500MM (as of January 1, 2016)
  • Have a minimum of $10 million AUM (as of January 1, 2016)
  • Employ an independent auditor with a minimum of one completed audit (if longer than one year track record)
  • Employ a 3rd party administrator
  • File a monthly return report, gross and net of all fees and expenses

Finalists will be judged using the following criteria, where applicable:

  • Infrastructure Quality
  • Investor Friendliness
  • Upcapture/Downcapture spread vs. manager benchmark
  • Fund performance over a rolling 12 month time period
  • Sortino Ratio
  • Omega Ratio

The initial judging process is manager-blind, and a factor weighting scheme will be used to calculate the qualitative vs. quantitative metrics. The Best Emerging Manager of the year will be selected from the entrants within all 9 categories and is an individual that has proven to have made the biggest impact on the industry as a whole.